A Story about Different Appreciation

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Optimized-2 (2)Our appreciation changes for the people according to  our  feelings  and the kind of relationship we share with them. This story reveals, how a similar situation makes one good and the other bad. Affections distort the perceptions – the Master used to talk about it often.

Once, the students, to their great pleasure, got an amazing example, proving those words.They heard the Master ask one mother:

– How is your daughter living?

– My dear daughter! She is so happy. She has a wonderful husband! He gave her a car, bought her jewellery that she dreamed about, hired servants for her. They serve her breakfast in bed, and she stays in bed until noon. He’s not a husband, but a prize!

– And how’s your son?

– My poor boy! He married a real grouch! He gave her everything that she wanted: a
car, jewellery, an army of servants. And she is lying in bed until noon! And doesn’t even
get up to make breakfast for her husband!