A Story about Dealing the Negative

Dealing with negative
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Dealing with the negative

Dealing with the negative

Life is full of negative thoughts and people. But it’s the act of the wise to remain polite and ignorant about such negativity. This story shall help you to deal with the negative.

One man was publicly offending a person
– You’re an atheist! You’re drinker! Almost a thief!
The person just smiled in response.
One dandy dressed in the silk trousers watching that scene asked that person:
– How can you tolerate such offences? Do you not feel hurt?
The person smiled again and told:
– Let’s go with me.
Dandy followed him to the dusty lumber-room. The person lighted the kin-dling and began rummaging in the trunk, where found completely worthless tattered robe. He threw it to dandy and said:
– Try it, it will match you.
Dandy took a robe, looked at it and resented:
– What these dirty rags are for? I am well dressed, and you must be crazy! – and threw a robe back.
– You see, – the person said, – you did not want to try rags. Similarly, I did not want to try those dirty words that man threw me.
To be aggrieved by offences means to try on rags someone throw us.