A Story About Career Choice

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Optimized-2 (4)One doctor became the greatest surgeon in his country and became the president of the National society of surgeons. For this reason, a celebration in his honour was held. But he was sad.

His friend came up to him and said:

– You achieved something that others can’t even dream about – you became the greatest surgeon. Why are you so sad?

– The thing is, that I achieved something that I didn’t even wanted, – the surgeon said,

– I never wanted to be a surgeon and now I can’t escape from it. If I would suffer a failure then maybe I would have a chance to do something that I really love. And now I am chained to a thing that I don’t even like.

– You must be joking? – The friend exclaimed, – the biggest honour for a surgeon is to
become the president of a National society. Your wife is happy, your children are happy; everyone has the highest respect for you!

– But I don’t respect myself – that’s what bad. I wanted to be a dancer, but my parents
were against it, and I’ve listened to them.I was weak. And because of that, now I’m unhappy, by becoming a great surgeon I now am mediocre in that field which I wanted to dedicate my life to.