Love Is All that Matters – A Story About Love

Love is all that matters
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Love is all that matters

Love is all that matters

Parents had one son, who was diligent and hard-working. When the son grew up, his father found him a rich

– Dear parents, I don’t need your bride, – the son disagreed. – She’s grumpy and doesn’t know how to do anything. I fell in love with a hard-working and cheerful girl and I want to marry her.

– Who is she? – asked the parents in surprise.

– Our maid. Don’t you see, how nice and beautiful she is, how she works from dusk till down? – The son answered.

Parents got mad. They were a rich family, and they wanted to be even richer. They fired the maid, but the son didn’t forget the girl.

Then his father told him:

– If you want to marry a poor girl, go away from home. I won’t give you anything.

– It’s not a problem, father. The most important thing is love, – the son said and left.

He started living with his young wife soul to soul. Soon, his mother came to visit her son. She stayed for one day and said:

– Son, at home we were eating pies, and here you only have black bread. At home you used to sleep on a featherbed, and here – on straws. Do you really like it?

– A person’s home is where he loves, – the son answered.