An Inspirational story – About Hard Work and Family Values

Inspirational Story
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“Work hard, but make time for your love, family and friends. Nobody remembers PowerPoint presentations on your final day.” Chetan Bhagat

Naveen was a driver and he spend so much time at his work that he could hardly have a meal together with his wife and two children. In the evenings he attended classes, seeking to get knowledge, that one day would help him to find a better paying job.

Naveen’s family often complained that he is spending very less time with them, but his only answer was, “I am doing all this for you, I work hard to provide my family with the best life that I can”.

Soon after Naveen had passed his exams, he got a good job offer with a salary, which was significantly higher that he had before. So now he could provide his family with more expensive clothes, some luxury items or vacations in foreign countries. It was like a dream come true for him, but family still did not get enough attention from Naveen, as he continued to work very hard and often he did not get to see his family for most of the week.

Time passed and Naveen’s hard work paid off, he was soon promoted. He decided to relieve his wife from household chores, so he hired a maid. He also decided that their flat is not big enough for their family and they need a more spacious one. Thus he needed to work even harder and, moreover, he continued his studies, so that he would be promoted again. Naveen worked so hard, that sometimes he even had to spend his Sundays with his clients instead of his wife and children. And again, whenever family asked for his time and complained that they do not spend enough time together, he answered, that he was doing all this only for them.

After some time Naveen was promoted again, so he could buy a spacious house with a beautiful view. On the first Sunday evening at their new house, Naveen told his wife and kids, that now he decided not to take any studies and work not so hard, so that he could spend more time with his beloved family. The very next morning Naveen did not wake up.