Happiness will Follow

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happinessWhen a big dog saw a puppy chasing its tail, he asked:

– Why are you chasing your tail that way?

– I have studied philosophy and solved the problem of the universe, which no other dog before me had ever solved, – the puppy answered, – and I have found out that the best thing for a dog in life – is happiness, and that my happiness is in my tail. That is why I am chasing it, and when I catch it – I will reach happiness.

– Son, – the dog said, – in my young days I was also interested in the questions of
universe, and I have also understood that the happiness is in the tail. In the beginning,
I was also chasing it. But later I have noticed that anywhere I go, and whatever I do,
the tail was following behind me. And then I understood that I didn’t need to chase it.