Happiness is Relative

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Optimized-6Two men were jailed in the same cell. They were in the same conditions, but one of them was unhappy, and the other one was happy.

– Why are you so sad? – a happy man asked unhappy man.

– What should I joy for? I am unlucky. Recently I was free and had a rest at the resort, and then, as you know, is more interesting than here – unhappy man answered and asked a happy man: – And why are you so satisfied?

– You see, – a happy man said, – recently I was in another prison, where the conditions are much worse, and there is just a resort here, compared to what it was. Many people want to get here, but I am the lucky one. So why don’t I have to joy? Everything is relative and has to be learned in comparison. If you want to be happy, just compare your current position not with what is better, but with what would be worse.

Happiness is a choice you make . You are as happy as you choose to be.