God has Gifted You – Truthful Story

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God has gifted you

God has gifted you

Once lived a little, but always cranky girl. Everything was bad for her. It wasn‘t enough toys, the gifts she was getting were wrong, and a nice boy paid attention to another girl… Every day she dreamed that one day she will meet an enchantress that will turn her life a fairy tale.

One day an enchantress came to her and said that she will fulfill each her wish. A girl became very happy at first, but then she started to think: she had a lot of wishes and all they were important for little girl. A girl thought for a long time, she could not choose just one. Then kind enchantress said that she gives a girl the fulfillment of one wish every day. A girl became more glad: now all her dreams will come true. She thanked kind enchantress and ran home.

From that day she was waiting for every morning with joy and enthusiasm: because one more her dream will come true. The days passed, the dreams came true… But soon a little girl realized that the wish-fulfillment does not give her the joy and happiness which she hoped for. Many wishes brought her disappointment, and some even a pain. Almost every dream was an empty little girl’s caprice. Being satisfied, she suddenly realized that she did not want this.

A girl was getting sadder and sadder day by day, and wish-fulfillment did not bring any joy to her. Soon she started to afraid her dreams.

Then a girl went to the kind enchantress and asked her to take her terrible gift back. She was afraid to live, afraid to wake up every day, waiting for an imminent execution of another wish. Crying, she asked an enchantress to fulfill only one her dream: to live as she lived before and enjoy life. And that her many wishes would remain only the wishes, from which she will select the ones she will bring to her life.

Kind enchantress took pity of a little girl, waved her magic wand and disappeared. A girl, happy, ran home. She knew that now she would resignedly and laboriously go to her one big cherished dream, not exchanging for short-term, in fact, quite unnecessary whims.