Enjoy Life As It Comes – A Story About Destiny

Enjoy Life As It Comes - A Story About Destiny
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Enjoy Life As It Comes

Enjoy life As It Comes

Someone asked a wise man:
– It is said that everyone’s destiny is determined.
The wise man nodded:
– Yes. For those who believe in it. If they think so, they believe that the circumstances of life are inevitable, consciously submitting to them and to those who created them. But there are people who do not believe in predestination, preferring to be the predestination of others.
The one who asked grunted skeptically:
– And how would then God know everything beforehand if there was no predestination? – And triumphantly looked at the wise man.
He simply raised his hands:
– I don’t know about God… He did not instruct me to answer on his behalf. But if I were him, I would be extremely bored knowing everything beforehand; it would be the same as you would be playing giveaway with yourself. I would most likely come up with a game, that would entertain me endlessly, and I would never know what the next move will be.